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To serve God by helping others with financial and spiritual guidance. Educating those who are receptive to use their God-given talents, health and financial resources for God's purpose. To pray daily for wisdom, knowledge and understanding in managing our clients' portfolios so they may have an abundant life full of joy.

Jay Professional

Jay Detlefs

Founder, Retirement Planner

Philip Black Suit, Blue Tie

Philip Detlefs

Retirement Planner

Nick Professional

Nick A. Edwards, CFP®

Retirement Planner

Nate Professional

Nathan Edwards, CFA, CFP®

Retirement Planner

Chad Professional

Chad Detlefs

Retirement Planner

Nick R. Professional

Nick M. Riscigno

Retirement Planner

Ann Headshot Black Jacket

Ann Detlefs

Retirement Planner

Mike grey jacket

Mike Steele

Retirement Planner

Art professional

Art Livingston

Retirement Planner

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Amelia Edwards

Advisor Support Staff


Kelly Lueckert

Advisor Support Staff

dana professional

Dana Brehm

Advisor Support Staff


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